Weekend getaway from Mumbai

I seek new experiences. I crave variety. My bucket list gains new entries even as I tick them off. All this motivated me to stay at Zostel Panchgani for one night, in a 20 x 8 feet converted shipping container. That’s 150 square feet, gross. Was the thought of sharing such tight quarters with another person the offbeat element? No, I live in Mumbai where my room is 170 square feet.
The prospect of staying in a shipping container was intriguing, coupled with my first brush at India’s hostel life. Zostel is a branded hostel chain in India established by Indians, with presence in 25 locations across Indian…and 2 in Nepal! [https://www.zostel.com/zostel/panchgani/]
Common room, Zostel Panchgani
Super chill artwork in the common room, photo bombed by my foot!

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9 days in Egypt

A humid October in Mumbai found me spontaneously agreeing to visit my best friend who was studying in Cairo at the time. A group of friends from Mumbai were on-board, and soon enough, I’d begun planning a 9 day vacation to Egypt for January 2017.

Why Egypt?
The Great Pyramid of Giza. The Nile. A chance to kiss the Sphinx. Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Desert lands opening up to the breathtakingly blue-green Red Sea. Some hilariously charming men. KING TUTAMKHAMUN’S MUMMY. Fateer. Koshary. Calories. Scuba diving. The Temple of Khnum. The Valley of the Kings and Queens. Should I go on…?
PS: Did I mention, a chance to climb INSIDE the Great Pyramid??

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